Account Coordinator


The role of the Brand Coordinator is to perform all internal, administrative and quick-response tasks derived from the brand’s processes, internally channeling the client’s requirements, and keeping supervisors optimally informed regarding the account.  The goal is to effectively and efficiently manage administrative duties and to successfully transition into the team, becoming a respected and valued member of the team.

Key responsibilities:

  • Project management:
    • Responsible for sending daily HOTLIST to clients
    • Execution and overall delivery of Agent Tag Materials from the national deliverables
  • Billing:
    • Work with Accounting to ensure the proper and timely delivery of the monthly invoices
    • Upkeep the Monthly Billing Reports (Production Expense Reports and Corporate Summary)
  • T&R/Holding Fees:
    • Collaborate with Business Managers and Account Executives to ensure the proper delivery and recommendations of T&R/Holding Fee document for client review
    • Keep track of expiration dates and inform the team
  • Trafficking:
    • Responsible for preparing traffic instructions and sending them to media outlets
  • Ongoing support to the team:
    • As per team’s needs
  • Sponsorships/Added Value
    • Lead all aspects of the Low Level Sponsorships
      • Work with vendors and media agencies to deliver assets necessary to fulfill sponsorship (ie. logos, BB copy, etc.)
    • Assist and support Account Executives with the logistics and deliverables of the different sponsorships
  • Monthly/Quarterly Competitive Reports
    • Responsible for researching and collecting new competitive across all channels.
    • Collaborate with team to provide analysis and implications
  • Anticipates Supervisor needs and manage expectations
  • Attends to client’s day to day needs providing fast response
  • Provides clear and complete information with internal and external communications and/or recaps
  • Builds strong client and agency relationships; earns their trust and respect
  • Focuses on the outcome, looks for logical approaches to processes and always think about solutions for any problems
  • Controls the submission of approval for estimates as well as overall budget control and supervision of billing activity
  • Completes files of brand/projects and keeps everything up to date
  • Coordinates working meetings, making sure that those involved attend and that all necessary materials and required equipment are available.


  • Tendency to take the initiative, do things proactively vs. waiting for direction on immediate steps
  • Great time management skills
  • Great communication skills
  • Detail oriented

Account Coordinator

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