Creative Director – Art


The role of a Creative Director – Art (CD) is to lead & manage the unified vision of an advertising campaign through to execution. In particular, the CD is in charge of the creative team and will direct the overall visual concept, strategy, and how it communicates to a specific target audience.  The CD will make decisions about the visual components of the campaign, what artistic style to use, and when to use motion. The platform for this could be a TV commercial, digital campaign or print advertisement.

The CD will work in partnership with all internal disciplines and manage the external client relationship, pitching concepts & ideas, and will develop a deep understanding of client requirements to deliver outstanding creative output.

Key Responsibilities

  • Manage the overall creative concept, translate this concept into an idea of the look and feel of the campaign, in line with brand strategy.
  • Create optimum structure to provide effective, efficient development of the creative product
  • Manage the client relationship, from taking the brief, leading the brainstorming sessions, directing staff and advising on strategic recommendations on the campaign to exceed the clients’ objectives & expectations
  • Leads the creative element of pitch presentations to help sell the idea to clients
  • Provide direction and leadership to all stakeholders to ensure collaboration, driving the team to meet project deliverables to deadline. Foster a positive relationship between the creative department and other agency functions.
  • Develops new and proactive ideas & concepts for branding, advertising campaigns and marketing to increase sales for clients.

Creative Director – Art

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