Culture Lab

Alma’s Culture Lab is an innovation think tank that leads the multicultural marketplace in Cultural Curation, Consulting and Research. Our work includes the development of a proprietary social listening tool that fills the gap left by enterprise systems which cannot parse Hispanic conversations from the social-sphere and a proprietary Hispanic-benchmarked research panel, Quick Assess, that provides clients a cost and time efficient solution for pre-testing ideas.

With these platforms, Alma strategists monitor and report on the cultural shifts that signal long term changes among Hispanic consumers and in American culture at large. Our findings in turn inspire business-driving brand strategies and areas of exploration for our award-winning creative teams, and provide fodder for the development of industry-impacting POVs and White Papers.

  • Cultural Curation

    An always-on approach to the collection and analysis of the signals that when understood holistically and in context, build to cultural trends that are impacting or being driven by Hispanic consumers while they are in the making.

  • Consulting

    In-depth perspectives featuring topics of high interest in segment marketing, leverages robust data points, provides actionable learnings and can be customized to client’s business needs.

  • Research

    In-culture research solutions that provide Hispanic insights into your business questions without breaking the bank, so you don’t leave anything on the table nor up to chance.