Agency of the Year & Grand Prix at El Ojo De Iberoamerica

You might ask, what exactly is Ibero-america? It’s all the regions with Spanish or Portuguese influence. So: Latin America, Spain, Portugal, and the United States. El Ojo de Ibero-america festival gathers their creative directors, agency presidents and managing directors to curate the most outstanding ideas from the advertising industry as a whole, as well as within each region.

Alma ad agency was awarded Best Agency in the United States this year after earning the most awards at the festival and a Grand Prix in Promo & Activation for the “Help Kenya Not Kanye” idea led by Associate Creative Director, Gabe Ferrer. Alma’s Creative Chairman CEO, Luis Miguel Messianu, and Chief Creative Officer, Co-president Alvar Suñol, were also named Creatives of the Year for the agency’s strong body of work.

The awarded pieces were:

Creative of the Year: Luis Miguel Messianu
Creative of the Year: Alvar Suñol
Grand Prix in Promo: Crowdrise “Help Kenya Not Kanye”

Gold in Graphics: Kingsford “Predators – Chameleon”
Gold in Graphics: Kingsford “Predators – Cobra”
Gold in Design: Sprint “The Last Emoji”
Gold in Promo & Activation: Crowdrise “Help Kenya Not Kanye”
Silver in Graphics: Liquid Plumr “Rats – Red”
Bronze in Radio: Tobacco Free Florida “Tobacco Downs”
Bronze in Outdoor: Sprint “The Last Emoji”
Bronze in Graphics: Kingsford “Predators Campaign”
Bronze in Art Direction: Kingsford “Predators – Chameleon”
Bronze in Radio: Liquid Plumr “Clog Free Pipes II”
Bronze in Outdoor: Liquid Plumr “Rats – Red”
Bronze in Radio: Tobacco Free Florida “Auctioneer”