ALMA launches performance Marketing division AlmaTrack

AlmaTrack: the convergence of data and creative. Merging ALMA’s creative prowess with Omnicom’s Track DDB (a worldwide leader in performance marketing), AlmaTrack is a unit under ALMA that will deliver exceptionally creative direct marketing by drawing from the best of both worlds.

“The partnership involves an exchange of talent, systems, and best practices between Track’s global offices and our team,” says ALMA’s Co-President and Chief Operations Officer, Isaac Mizrahi. “We’ve been refining the process with Track DDB for over a year, and it’s ready to add great value to for the ideal clients.”

A soft launch of the collaboration yielded work for CVS Caremark and the award-winning launch of Narcos Season 2 for Netflix. The new AlmaTrack unit will be available to any brands interested exclusively in performance marketing in addition to all existing ALMA clients.