Cannes 2015: Another Lion & 5 Shortlists for ALMA DDB

The International Cannes Lions Festival, a celebration and recognition of the best in creative advertising worldwide, recently wrapped up the festivities for 2015. With over 37,489 entries and only 1580 Lions awarded, recipients of this year’s awards are the top 4.2% creative pieces globally (perhaps higher, since a single idea is often awarded multiple times).

Alma DDB received 5 shortlists this year – one becoming a prestigious bronze lion for the Clorox Greenworks “Panda” poster. The Lion and 3 other shortlists were in the Outdoor category, which received 5,035 entries this year (by far more than any other category) and less than 9% were recognized. The agency’s “Spoon” spot for AARP also received a Lions Health shortlist in the Pharma category.

“I feel incredibly proud of our team!” says Luis Miguel Messianu, President and Chief Creative Officer at Alma. “Our primary goal is to produce top creative and effective work for our clients, and to see work for a real and complex client recognized is doubly rewarding. As an industry we need to reevaluate the importance of moving the needle in the real world!”

The work:

“Panda” for Greenworks Species (Bronze Lion in Outdoor)
“Fresh vs. Rotten” for Glad (Shortlist in Outdoor)
“Spoon” for AARP (Shortlist in Pharma)
“Fast Lighting Charcoal – Cheetah” for Kingsford (Shortlist in Outdoor)
“Fast Lighting Charcoal – Car” for Kingsford (Shortlist in Outdoor)