More Women Creatives!

The 3% Conference, dedicated to raising awareness of the lack of female creative leadership in the industry, had its first session in Miami this past May. Alma DDB invited over 30 ladies from the agency to attend the full day conference, and Senior Creative Director, Monica Marulanda, contributed as a speaker on the “Does That Really Happen Here?” panel.

“The 3% Conference is all about creating a more well-rounded community. Our creative community has sorely been lacking in diversity. I learned of 3% back in 2012, and I was so excited to participate in an initiative that supports females moving up the ranks within the industry. We need balance in the work place, in life, and especially within advertising to create a message our consumers really relate to,” Marulanda said.

The day after the event at the Miami Ad School in Wynwood, Alma Agency welcomed Kat Gordon to its Coconut Grove office for a discussion on gender inequality within the industry.

“The men and women who have the power to be heard can make a huge difference when they aren’t afraid to speak up,” suggested President and Chief Creative Officer Luis Miguel Messianu, recalling instances where he declined to participate in industry conversations as merely a “token” Hispanic.

Alma DDB, Ad Age’s Multicultural Agency of the year two years in a row, has already taken strides to implement a more diverse workforce, as currently the agency is 67% women overall with a 34% female creative department.

“If you get to a meeting and you notice a lack of a demographic – be it women, Hispanics, or any other minority that can contribute to the conversation – that is your opportunity to suggest pausing the conversation until you can invite a more diverse group,” suggested Kat Gordon.

Gordon also emphasized the increased buying power of women who currently dominate every consumer category save for three. “The advertising business is a $33-billion industry. Misunderstanding female consumers, from a business perspective, is sheer lunacy.”

The Alma Family thoroughly enjoyed Gordon’s visit and continues to highlight its experience as a multicultural agency representing a wide variety of backgrounds.