SXSW 2017: ALMA Introduces Generación Zeta

“The Z’s Are Coming” session reveals findings about Latino teens and why brands should care.

Move over Millennials, it’s time to start discovering the next demographic headed our way: Generación Zeta. The topic of what drives Latino teens – one of the hottest demographics that brands need to gear up for – is the focus of a groundbreaking survey completed by Alma, which was presented this week at SXSW Interactive. Catch the live feed here.

“This is a group that will be large and­ in charge before we know it,” says Marta Insua, Chief Curiosity Officer at Alma. “By getting to know them ahead of time, we can gather the intelligence and insights we need to prepare for the next generation in marketing.”

Alma’s most recent white paper, Generación Zeta, is the first to research the demographic, diving into key insights that will help marketers target them. Some of the highlights:

  • This will be the largest and most educated generation of Hispanics EVER. Education is the key to their American Dream. This is a total game changer since it signals a large increase in influence and affluence among Hispanics in the near future.
  • They are realistically This is an optimistic generation ready to change the world, but they know they will have to overcome huge obstacles to make it happen. They have the resilience and familial support to overcome them and they plan to be something – or rather someone – to make a difference in their community.
  • Did we mention Generación Zeta is all about education? In contrast with their non-Hispanic counterparts who are more likely to explore alternate plans after high school, Zetas plan to strictly adhere to a linear path: high school –> college –> career –> house. 

The agency has already put the new insights to use for their own brands. The RMHC/Hacer campaign for McDonald’s, for example, acknowledges the obstacles that Hispanic students face on the road to college, and empowers them to own their path while providing valuable tools and several scholarships.

“Curiosity is one of the pillars of our agency’s culture,” says Co-President and COO Isaac Mizrahi. “We have a long tradition of investing in original research and innovative thinking to create relevant and effective ideas for our clients.”

Want to know more about these cool kids? You can download Alma’s published white paper here.